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The Clutch difference

Hundreds of classrooms, both big and small, have already made Clutch Prep the place where learning happens.


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Video homework

Assign homework from our expansive library of problems, all with video solutions. As the only homework product where all problems have expert video solutions & concept explanations, Clutch Prep is changing the way professors are able to provide impactful feedback loops to their students.

  • 79% of students rate Clutch Prep’s homework platform as significantly better than previous homework tools
  • More affordable and interactive that traditional publisher homework
  • Trusted by over 100 professors as a required learning material
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Professor & Student Support

We are here to help! Our team provides quick technical and academic support to both professors and students.

LMS Integrations

Clutch Prep pairs well with any LMS. You can link any of our Clutch Prep videos or assignments to your LMS and easily transfer grades from your student reports.


All videos are equipped with closed captions to eliminate barriers to student learning. With our accessibility roadmap, we are actively working toward full WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Students report deeper understanding

Hear what students have been saying about Clutch Prep in their classrooms.

“Helped me learn the class material”
“Better than previous homework methods”
“Better than YouTube videos”
“Recommend professor to keep using Clutch”

Educators report positive outcomes in their classrooms

Hear what professors are saying about the impact Clutch Prep is having on their students’ learning.

"Clutch Prep has developed a product and a learning model that is very simple, consisting of concepts, examples, and practice."
Ali Hina
Professor of Chemistry
University of the Pacific
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“There's a huge confidence difference in terms of the way my Clutch Prep students answer questions in class"
Matthew Minus
Professor of Chemistry
Prairie View A&M Uni.
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"I want more professors around the country to use Clutch Prep."
Xu Snow
Professor of Organic Chem
Mississippi State University
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Connect with your students online in a whole new way with best-in-class, textbook specific video learning.