"With the other online homework, you would run out of attempts before you could actually learn."

After an online Spring semester plagued by diminished student engagement and low utilization of extra resources such as SI sessions and professor office hours, Professor Snow knew she had to make changes to how she ran her classes in a post-Covid environment.


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How video-based homework helped this professor's class succeed in the move to online learning

Professor Snow had an ambitious mandate; maintain class averages at the same level they were pre-Covid.

Professor Snow’s Summer Organic Chemistry 1 course covers the first 13 chapters of the Organic Chemistry (McMurry) textbook over a condensed four week term. As the course builds upon itself in a cumulative matter, it's critical that students are able to retain content from earlier chapters.

After an online Spring semester plagued by diminished student engagement and low utilization of extra resources such as SI sessions and Professor office hours, Professor Snow knew she had to make changes.

Key problems
  • Lack of student engagement with homework
  • Low utilization of extra synchronous resources such as SI sessions and professor office hours
  • Decline in class average grade level
Using next-generation video content to supplement instruction

After several recommendations from her top students, Professor Snow signed up to pilot Clutch Prep’s professor assigned video homework in her Summer 2020 Orgo 1 course.

As assigned homework, Clutch Prep's assignments accounted for 10% of the students grade, and were completed daily, following the same material Snow was covering from the textbook.

Organic Chemistry
McMurry • 9th Edition • 978-1305080485
Video Chapters Professor Snow Assigned In Clutch Prep
  • Ch. 1 - Structure & bonding
  • Ch. 2 - Polar covalent bonds; acids and bases
  • Ch. 3 - Organic compounds: alkanes & their structure
  • Ch. 4 - Organic compounds: cycloalkanes & their stereochemistry
  • Ch. 5 - Stereochemistry at tetrahedral centers
  • Ch. 6 - Overview of Organic reactions
  • Ch. 7 - Alkenes: structure & reactivity
  • Ch. 8 - Alkenes: reactions & synthesis
  • Ch. 9 - Alkynes
  • Ch. 10 - Organohalides
  • Ch. 11 - Reactions of alkyl halides: nucleophilic substitutions & eliminations
  • Ch. 12 - IR &MS
  • Ch. 13 - NMR
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Homework built around learning not memorization.

A common dislike of students in traditional homework systems is that they are accuracy-based, and rarely provide detailed solutions or explanations to help them learn how to solve the problems. In a traditional homework platform, when a student gets stuck on a problem, they are sent back to the same unhelpful text explanation or hint that they didn’t understand initially. Clutch Prep's homework platform is paradoxically built upon deep mastery, as opposed to ineffective and often frustrating rote memorization.

Because Clutch Prep's video homework problems and video lessons are both grouped by topic and textbook, Professor Snow, was able to quickly and easily select the problems she wanted to use in her assignments, from a library of over 5000 video problems specific to organic chemistry.

Each problem also included bite-size video lessons that broke down the underlying concepts from the exact textbook Professor Snow was using, step-by-step.  Professor Snow, decided to link the Clutch Prep video problems directly from her slides to facilitate a seamless learning experience. 

Our solution
  • Graded, video-based homework assessments to help students practice concepts and provide detailed feedback through video explanations.
  • Textbook specific tutorial videos to reinforce the content being covered in Professor Snow's class.
Homework that engages and supports learning.

After surveying students of varying product usage patterns from Professor Snow’s class, we found that the majority of students shared a similar process for attempting to solve Professor-assigned Clutch Prep homework.

Step 1: Attempt the problem on their own .
Step 2: Refer to class notes if they're stuck.
Step 3: Submit the answer to see if it’s correct.
Step 4: If completely stuck or incorrect, watch the video explanation and learn how to solve the problem.

In addition to completing required homework assignments on Clutch Prep, Professor Snow’s students also reported rewatching the homework videos to study for exams.

All students reported watching more videos for topics that they felt were more challenging. They reported watching less videos for topics they felt confident about.

Four of the eight students interviewed, reported rewatching the homework videos to study for exams, where all students reported using other Clutch videos besides the assigned homework videos when studying for exams.

All students interviewed, report liking the video solutions, where questions are broken down step-by-step, and they see “a different perspective” on how to solve a problem.

There was barely any information [with other homework platforms] about what we were learning, just a few hints, but they didn’t help me learn.

What Professor Snow had to share.
"The parts I like most about Clutch Prep are:
Clutch Prep has up to 5,000 problems prepared for organic chemistry. Each problem has a video explanation and problems are divided into topics. Each problem contains additional practice session (extra videos), if students want another practice on the same topic, they can use additional practice session. There are concept videos which give an alternative way to explain course materials.

Overall, I think it is very useful, especially during this pandemic time."

About Professor Snow

Professor Xue Xu Snow is an Clinical Assistant Professor in the Chemistry department at the University of Mississippi State. Professor Snow teaches Organic Chemistry 1, and in the Summer of 2020, held online classes for 83 students. 

  • Class size: Large 80+ students
  • College: Mississippi State University
  • Subject: Orgo 1
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