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Professors will commonly assign students chapters or sections of the book to read but this does not ensure that students will understand more complicated concepts.  This can be difficult because textbooks can be difficult to understand complex issues.  Our video format ensures an engaging experience where topics are simplified and broken down so students can understand.  In our modern learning environment, students are used to consuming information via video. They may not want to sit and read the textbook, but can be more engaged with video explanations.  Video lessons are mapped to hundreds of different textbooks, so they are a great compliment to the book you are using. But if you are interested in entirely replacing the textbook, the videos are robust enough to be the students’ primary resource outside the classroom.

This is a huge benefit for students especially who study all hours, can’t make it to office hours, or are part of large classes where the professor cannot give personal support to all the students.  When you use Clutch Prep you will be able to open a chapter and see all the topics listed.  Our video content is built in a short, modular format, so you'll find every topic has short videos averaging about 5 minutes in length.  Content is built with a scaffolding format of concept, example, and practice, where the videos build on one another to deepen students' understanding of the topics.  We teach concepts with a short videos taught directly over a downloadable worksheet for each lesson.  Students can watch the concept videos, and then move on to the example videos where they can practice problems.  They will receive a solution video with immediate feedback on why the answer was right or wrong.
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Customize your own modules to fit your needs

We have hundreds of textbooks supported so you can choose your specific textbook and further customize those lessons based on the actual chapters and topics that you cover in class. The videos are based on your textbook and syllabus for each Professor specifically. Hundreds of classrooms and colleges use Clutch Prep as the place to make learning happen

Students have access to custom downloadable worksheets

Worksheets have helpful text, blank spaces, and images so that students can follow along with the videos and develop their own set of notes. There are clear visuals that follow along with the textbook to provide clarity with difficult concepts. It also allows students to be engaged in the lesson.
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Professors who supplemented their textbook with video explanations said

Prof. Cu Phung
Methodist University
Cu Phung (Methodist University) previously assigned reading and problems from the textbook for his General Chemistry and Physics classes. There was an accompanying solutions manual that gave students the answers, but it did not give students the "how" or "why" needed to truly understand the problem and the solution. Now with Clutch Prep Video Lessons and Video Homework, Prof. Phung is seeing his students understand the topics and get better grades.

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