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Keep your students learning outside of the classroom

As a Professor you're currently creating conversation in class to facilitate participation with students, and relying on students to read the textbook or review notes after class. This can be inadequate because if students do not fully understand concepts in class or if the reading material is not super clear, then it will be hard to complete the homework and understand other concepts that were discussed. In order for students to succeed, practicing and deepening understanding outside of the classroom is crucial.  The benefit of Clutch Prep's video solutions is that it provides students with a more engaging way to review and connect with material outside of class.  Professors can track students' usage of the videos outside of class.  They can curate the Video Lessons that students watch in order to map with what is being taught in class. They can set due dates so students stay on pace with the class, and so that the professor can get feedback on students' engagement.
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Give Your Students Practice Outside of the Classroom

Introduce concepts in class, then assign videos after class for more in-depth and focused practice. There are 10,000+ videos to choose from that are customizable. Expert instructors loved by your students with clear explanations and visuals for students to follow along with for provide a clear understanding.

Provide a Foundation Before Class

Assign the videos to be watched before class and then the professor can work problems or go deeper into challenging topics during the class. This can follow a flipped class format where students build a foundation of the concepts before class, and then dive deeper into them during the lecture.
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Professors who reinforced their lecture discussions said

Prof. Heather Henson-Ramsey
Tusculum College
Heather Henson-Ramsey (Tusculum College) wanted more resources to keep her Anatomy and Physiology students engaged with the material outside the classroom. She assigns Clutch Prep Video Lessons to complement her lectures. Some students watch the videos before class, while others watch the videos after lecture. She finds that, when using Clutch Prep, her students get more out of class.
Prof. Ali Hina
University of the Pacific
Challenged by the need to cover more material than class time allowed, and to do so in an engaging way, Chemistry Professor Ali Hina (University of the Pacific) used Clutch Prep Video Lessons to flip the classroom. He assigned videos from Clutch Prep for students to watch on their own, so they could come to class prepared for discussion and problem solving.

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