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Traditionally, Professors will assign homework lessons they have created personally, or assign practice problems from the textbook.  The problem is that other homework platforms such as Mastering, Chem101, WileyPlus, and Achieve have text-based solutions and hints, but do not provide video feedback or guidance.  It is essential for students to be able to understand their homework and how to solve complex concepts, not just put an answer down.  We have found that text-based solutions and hints do not allow students to fully understand how to solve the problem.

Instead of being confused or stuck on one problem for hours Clutch Prep provides immediate video feedback and explanations so that students do not have to rely on outside help.  Students are able to learn the whole process of solving a problem step by step, and are able to apply that deeper understanding on future questions, assignments, or exams.  Ultimately, students find video solutions to be more helpful than text-based explanations.  In addition, professors are able to automatically sync their grades into their LMS grade book.
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Create Realtime Feedback Loops With Video Homework Assignments

Practice problems include multiple choice questions or free response. Every problem in our database is linked to a video solution with immediate feedback available to students. Students are able to submit an answer and find out if they were right or wrong. Once they submit an answer a video solution will appear where our tutors will take the student through the problem step by step, beginning with how to identify what the question is asking, and what important information is in the question. Students are more prepared to answer the next question and can find extra practice problems to continue to learn.

Provide support to your students who need it most

As a Professor you will see insights into your students performance on each of the assignments based on their accuracy, their completion, and how much time they spent watching the videos. You can monitor student progress with data driven insights. You can also quickly identify which topics and problem types need reinforcement. Grades are easily transferred to all major LMS systems.
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Professors who made the switch to Clutch Prep Homework said

Prof. Augie Rodriguez
Spelman College
Augie Rodriguez (Spelman College) values practice and feedback for his students to help them succeed. He previously used Wiley Plus for online homework in his Organic Chemistry class, but wanted to be able to give each student more personal feedback and explanations as they work out problems. With Clutch Prep Video Homework, his students get a lot of practice with feedback on every question so that homework can be a learning experience.
Dr. Steve Baldwin
Duke University
Dr. Steve Baldwin (Duke University) had previously used Achieve (originally called Sapling Learning), for online homework in his Organic Chemistry classes. He found himself having to explain a lot of the questions to the students. With Clutch Prep Video Homework, those tutorial explanations are built in, so students can learn while they do their assignments.
Dr. Eileen Perez
Valencia College
Eileen Perez (Valencia College) previously wrote her own homework assignments for her General Chemistry classes. This is labor-intensive and difficult to provide feedback to students, especially in the online environment. With Clutch Prep Video Homework, homework assignments are easily built and automatically graded from our library of thousands of questions, all with video solutions to give immediate feedback to students.

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